modern moose


We’ve attempted to set up the kitchen for just about any cooking scenario we could think of. We get our groceries from City Market and Target and the Moose’s kitchen has turned out great meals!

Let’s start with the important stuff! The coffee station has a Keurig K-Duo Plus™ Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker. We try to provide 8 Regular, 8 Decaf, and 8 Hot Chocolate K-cups for each set of guests. Just meant to get you by until you get to the store. We also try to provide some tea bags here, and the kettle is on the bottom shelf next to the Keurig carafe. Bring your wine and store it in the center holder, the glasses and wine keys are on the bottom right.

Pots and Pans; a full set of stainless with lids, a couple of non-sticks, and look at that pull-out for easy access!

The utensil drawers contain silverware service for 12, spatulas, whisk, miscellaneous cooking utensils, chip clips…

Drinking Glasses, portable containers, and those cute little jars we use for wine as well as juice.

Full set of dishes, storage containers, mason jars.

Corner cabinet with additional bowls, casserole dishes, and storage for you.

We kept the lazy-Susan empty for you to store groceries and supplies

We try to stock Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayo in the fridge door (sometimes they mysteriously disappear, we restock as best we can).

Sheet pans, etc next to stove

Salt, pepper, spices – no guarantees these will be there as people use and don’t often replace

Additional storage for cooking supplies, etc.