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Please be aware of the following –

There’s a severe labor shortage around ski resorts in Colorado. Businesses are doing their best to help you quickly, but please have patience with them as they are all short-handed and they are all painfully aware of how that affects you. They are overworked and stressed and need your support and understanding.

Luggage holding assistance and receiving of guest mail/packages is not a service we can offer. 

Package Delivery: It’s a challenge to receive mail/packages in the mountains, we recommend you have your packages delivered and held at a local UPS or FED EX office and arrange pick up directly with the delivery vendor you have chosen. 

There’s no USPS delivery in our area, locals get PO boxes. If you need to send something, make absolute certain it’s Fedex or UPS.

For small Amazon deliveries, you can select locker locations in Frisco, Idaho Springs, or near Denver (although Frisco never seems to have availability). Whatever day Amazon says the package will be there; it won’t. It will be another 1-3 days later…

Messaging and Check-in

We only communicate through Airbnb or VRBO native platforms unless you call/text us 1st and we then reply. We don’t send emails directly to you and we won’t initiate a call or text unless there’s an emergency.

Automated messaging schedule: We send general info 2 days prior to check-in, the morning of check-in we send your Smartlock access code and additional info for your trip. At 4pm Mountain time we send a message with Frequently Asked Questions and answers. If you want any of that information ahead of time, just ask!

The door lock is a touchscreen, press the “Yale” button on the smart lock to activate the screen.
Then enter your door lock code and press the checkmark.
When leaving, just press the “Yale” icon on the outside, no need to enter a code for locking.

The keypad shown above is not always visible, you have to press the “Yale” icon above the keypad to activate the screen.

BabyQuip offers clean, sanitized, and safe gear for infants and toddlers – delivered and set up prior to your arrival!

All mentions of items in our listing for children/toddlers/infants are not items currently in the condo. They’re all available for rent from our local resource.

Families; we do NOT have any child-proofing in place and the loft rail and balcony rail present falling risk. We DO, however, have a local rental company who will deliver and set up almost anything you need including gates, cribs, high chairs, books, toys, utensils, and much more. They can also shop for you and stock the kitchen before you arrive.

Click here to go directly to our local Silverthorne supplier

Ski Rentals / Lift Tickets

For equipment rental, we strongly suggest Wild Earnest Sports. They’re conveniently located right at the bottom of Wildernest, have a great staff and great rates. We’ve dealt with rentals at the resorts, it’s MUCH better to rent from Wild Earnest.

Purchase lift tickets online for Keystone and Breck, you can print them or put them on your phone.


Get the best deals if you buy 7 or more days in advance

Fully refundable if your plans change

Click here for Breckenridge Parking info


Get the best deals if you buy 7 or more days in advance

Fully refundable if your plans change

Click here for Keystone Parking info

Copper Mountain:


Purchases must be made at least 1 day in advance to receive a discount. *Walk up / ticket window rates will be higher.

Children 4 and under ski/ride free.
Percentage off window rates subject to change at any time.
Window rate subject to change at any time.

Click here for Copper Mountain Parking info

Arapahoe Basin (A-Basin):

If you’re going to A-Basin, you already know more than we do, and you’re much more advanced and/or adventurous!

Click here for A-Basin Parking info

Loveland Ski Area:

We think this might be the most family-friendly ski options. If you’re an expert; it may not be for you, but there’s plenty of easy to medium options at affordable prices. Fewer people ski here, so smaller crowds. Plus, and this is the biggest plus – afterwards you can go to Beau Jo’s Pizza in Idaho Springs!

Click here for Loveland Ski Parking info


Booking a vacation rental is like staying at the house of a friend. Our vacation property is privately owned by Susan and Jim.  In our vacation rental, you will experience significantly more space, privacy, and comforts that feel like home, including a kitchen and a Colorado location beyond what most hotels offer. These benefits bring different considerations than a hotel. Here’s what you can expect at our vacation rental. We offer a starter supply of some consumables, including paper towels, toilet paper, dish pods, sink soap starter hotel-size shampoo and conditioner bottles, as well as starter body/hand soap and a departure clean. We do not replenish these items during guest stays.

Linen and towel exchanges are available for a fee. We encourage you to use the available building washers and dryers if needed during your stay. For restocking or purchase of any other needed items, we encourage you to visit City Market or Target. The local management company we use has 24/7 customer service with a full staff during the day and emergency on-call support overnight. Self-sufficiency is key to a happy stay in a vacation rental. We do provide housekeeping and maintenance services, but these are primarily in between stays. Be aware our management company has rentals across several square miles, unlike a hotel that manages a single building. Work orders are addressed in order of priority status and travel time will be required to get to your location to assist, if required.

On the day of check-in we will send you a message through Airbnb or VRBO with your code for the smart lock as well as our cell phone number. In the event of issues you can call or text us. You will also receive the 24-hour phone number for the local management company in the event we don’t answer or if you’re experiencing an emergency.

What’s in the Kitchen?

We’ve attempted to set up the kitchen for just about any cooking scenario we could think of. To see the list with pictures, check out our Kitchen page!

What’s not in the kitchen is any food items in the fridge or freezer. There may or may not be canned goods in the cabinet, which you can use or leave. There may or may not be condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc. Some guests leave these behind and some throw them out. If left behind and doesn’t seem sketchy, we leave it for the next guest. Use any of these at your own risk, we have no control over any aspect of this situation.

Travel tips:

On Fridays people from Denver flock to the mountains and then return on Sunday – creating challenging traffic issues. Please allow extra time for traffic if you are coming from that direction and plan to arrive and/or leave on those days of the week.

Arriving after dark for the first time to the Modern Moose may prove more challenging than in daylight, watch for fox and moose on the road near dusk, GPS and cell coverage is not always reliable.

See our driving tips page for safe mountain driving

High Altitudes in Colorado

If you’re not familiar with Colorado’s climate and the effects of higher altitudes…

Colorado has low humidity; you may experience dehydration quickly. Your sinuses may swell making it difficult to breathe through your nose. Your eyes may be more dry than usual. It can take a week or more to acclimate.

The Modern Moose sits at about 9,270 feet which may cause some to experience altitude sickness.

What Can You Do?

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This is the #1 thing you can do to protect yourself from the dryness and the altitude! We have a Brita water pitcher in the condo, but you should start hydrating long before you get there.
  • We provide 2 small humidifiers that are best set up in the bedrooms. They will be ineffective in the larger open spaces of the condo. Use them as often as needed. Distilled water only in the humidifiers, please
  • Use your goto OTC medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen – whichever you normally use. Be proactive and take prior to heading into the mountains.
  • Use a nasal saline mist spray
  • Use alcohol and coffee with caution, these are diuretics and can actually dehydrate you more quickly.

Buffalo Ridge has a No Smoking policy for the entire property

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Know Before You Go!  Before jumping on the road, check I70 traffic and road conditions at: and/or

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